Up Next! “I Don’t Give A…” Nire ft Jaq

IDGA_Art_Nire-1As you already know, I’m a Nola Darling fan.

And if you didn’t know Alex, Jaq, and I throw a party every 3rd saturday of month called Bashment Boogie at the Mandrake in Culver City.

Well, when I got the call that Jaq was in a ill video with Red Bull Music Academy grad DJ Nire…well then… you KNOW I’m on the case to support.

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Up Next- Montage One

Back in June I was hosting The Silverlake Jubilee and who do I run into?  No other than Montage One.  You might recognize him from the interview I did a while back.  We chatted it up throughout the day and he told me just two days later he’d be leaving overseas.

“I’m going to Russia, then Amsterdam and Barcelona” he said.

He was making serious moves.  He told me about finishing his solo album and all the work he put in on it.  Not once did he mention Little Brother was on it.  He casually mentioned his track with Planet Asia.  Didn’t name drop any producers.  He talked the longest about the mixing and mastering of it.  If any of you have ever made an album, you know that mixing and mastering is the most technical part.  How the sounds resonate with your ears.  The colors that are added to give it the right feel.  He told me “I mastered it so that it can be on the louder side.  I’d rather you turn me down cause it’s bangin so hard, than you have to turn me up cause it’s too soft.”

Montage is one of the cats that has been lost in the shuffle of an industry that has constantly gone through changes.  Starting in the mid 90s where the West Coast and music industry where at an all time high.  Up through the transitions of 2000’s where technology and pop music began to reign.  As he states in an interview with the lovely Ms Pay of Payology, he was laid off from a 80k a year job and used his unemployment money to create this album.  Montage is clearly one of those people who can’t help but to do music when the opportunity presents itself.

He emailed me the finished product to hear, and this album KNOCKS.  It took me back to the 90s type sound with the warmth of the tracks.  He rhymes straightforward.  It’s a direct approach of Montage One being himself.  He brings Defari on a track, who I was happy to hear from again.  He gets the Original Black Eyed Peas singer Kim Hill on a great track.  He never told me who did the beats for the album, but I was excited to see tracks done by Evidence, Jake One, DJ Babu, Dae One, and Khrysis, with even some beats being produced by Montage himself .  Even with this array of production, the beats are very consistent and all keep a steady feel through the album.  They have a cool and clean West Coast flavor on some, and then that gritty underground feel on others.  The very last track on the  album is an all out lyrical posse cut with Montage One, Planet Asia, Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, E-Swift and others.  The Liquid Gold Gang as Montage once put it, the combination of the legendary Likwit Crew and Gold Chain Music.

The album drops officially next week, 9/14/10.

So if you like what you hear, save up ya duckets and cop it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Here are a few of personal favorite tracks off the album…

Likwit Army-

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Lost Myself-

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Mic Acrobats (feat Little Brother)-

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If you wanna get it direct from the source, holler at him

Email- me@montageone.com or montageone@mac.com

Website- http://www.montageone.com/

Twitter- http://twitter.com/MontageOne

I support my local hardworking artist.  You should too!

Check out the EPK


Up Next- Legs

At what point did it become so cool to “dumb it down” and not care about things deeper in life?  At one point the men and women who spoke about the realness of life were respected.  We didn’t assume they were fake or just trying to get put on.  Their care came from the inspiration of people before them, the leaders who were dedicated to uplifting people and setting them on a better path.  Say what you will about whether they are just trying to get looking eyes and listening ears, ask yourself: Is their message true or not?  Are they looking at things with a focused lens, or just spouting off the same basic things we always hear about being righteous?  With all of this fast food music, there comes a point where you need something more healthy and nurturing.  What you put into your body has a direct effect on you just like what you put into your mind.  What has a more direct hold on your mind than music?

For those looking for something deeper, I offer you Los Angeles emcee: Legs.

Formally named Legacy, he changed it to Legs.  I first spotted him while I was in grad school at UCLA.  I hadn’t formally spoken to him at length, but most of the time I saw him he was working with an after-school youth group that taught the fundamentals of Hip Hop.  I saw him a few times with young teens walking around campus.  I even helped put on a  concert on campus and somehow, he already had connections to make sure the kids met the band after they performed.  His determination and leadership was very apparent to me without us ever having a conversation.  The other cats I knew that were friends with him could vouch for him.  Soon enough I found out he knew a large bunch of the talented musicians and poets in the Los Angeles underground including Jimetta Rose, and the homie Kampaign.

Legs does not beat around the bush in his music.  He even makes mention of the words many “deep” musicians hear when their stuff is “too deep” or “too Black” or “too militant”.  Things like that often seem to scare people.  But regardless of that, Legs is determined to bring you his thoughts.  As many people say “People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it.”  Legs is not another cat just trying to get on as a hustle.  This is something he cares about and refuses to steer in another direction.  Some may call it stubborn, but I call it integrity.

Check out the sights and sounds below.  He has two albums both for free!  You can’t cant lose here.
His newest album “Journeyman” dropped today! Check out more of his bio here:

Contact Info
Email: legs2010@gmail.com
Phone: (323) 605-5817

Journeyman- LEGS from Nappy Nation on Vimeo.

Check out his joint with Jimetta Rose “We Choose You”

Here’s his latest project,  Journeyman


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