Interview- Steven-Charles Jaffe pt2

3052cIn the art and entertainment industries there is no such thing as job security. You have to prove yourself time after time to show that you still “got it”. Plenty of people in music, film, and visual art have made big hits, and then they seemingly disappear either because they couldn’t keep up with the pressure of creating more hits, or because a string of flops caused people to quickly lose interest. And when the interest goes, so does the money. There is no security. Everything is risk taking. Steven-Charles has played a role in producing some of the biggest grossing movies made, and even he will admit that when it came to getting backing for his documentary on cartoonist Gahan Wilson, suddenly people froze up on him. His intense faith in his friend and his inspiration is what made him put it all on the line to produce a documentary on Gahan Wilson’s life. The outcome: winning best documentary award at Comic Con.

Yet, even with big names and acclaim from audiences, he still has to prove the worth of his work.

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