Interview- Quelle Chris pt 2

photoI’ve made a point to ask musicians and DJs from Detroit how their city seems to produce so many exceptionally talented people?  Maybe it’s a factor of most major cities. But when you talk about Detroit, the talent is seemingly unstoppable. J Dilla, Eminem, Danny Brown, Elzhi, Black Milk, and many more. It seems like the city produces hard working, competitive talent. But strangely enough the folks are talented  humble, and seem to have little in the way of making them act “Hollywood”.  It’s been interesting seeing the influx of Detroit folks in Los Angeles too.

In this part I ask Quelle on his insight on what makes Detroit such a center for extreme talent. I also ask him about his connection to Danny Brown, and about Guitar Solo )one of my favorite songs ever, which Quelle and Danny made).

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