Interview- Quelle Chris pt 3

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To explain the pic above…

At some point I Ced, Quelle, and I were talking about the new wave of reality shows and such. As we were talking, Basketball Wives LA was on. Apparently one of the “wives” had been taking some stripping classes or something, and gave the other girl a lap dance. And of course, we all stopped to watch it. Cause it was awesome. I Ced straight pulled up a seat. I had to take a picture of that moment, so that I can always remember this male bonding session between artists with some good ol mid day girl on girl action on VH1.

And in true carefree and fun fashion, Quelle hits us with his contacts, the “story” behind his name, and I Ced comes in on the assist for the words of wisdom and advice for other artists.

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Interview- Quelle Chris pt 2

photoI’ve made a point to ask musicians and DJs from Detroit how their city seems to produce so many exceptionally talented people?  Maybe it’s a factor of most major cities. But when you talk about Detroit, the talent is seemingly unstoppable. J Dilla, Eminem, Danny Brown, Elzhi, Black Milk, and many more. It seems like the city produces hard working, competitive talent. But strangely enough the folks are talented  humble, and seem to have little in the way of making them act “Hollywood”.  It’s been interesting seeing the influx of Detroit folks in Los Angeles too.

In this part I ask Quelle on his insight on what makes Detroit such a center for extreme talent. I also ask him about his connection to Danny Brown, and about Guitar Solo )one of my favorite songs ever, which Quelle and Danny made).

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Interview- Quelle Chris pt 1


I dunno when or why I started following Quelle Chris on Twitter, but it was a good time before Danny Brown became my new favorite emcee. I had been following him for a good while I’m sure of it, because the day he messaged me in this following little story, I had recognized his pic long enough but not his name.

At one point I had Guitar Solo off Danny Brown’s The Hybrid on repeat. It was the most mesmerizing beat I had heard in a long time. Part of it felt like a sample, and part of it didn’t. The way it looped sounded like a sample, but it was done so smoothly I wasn’t totally sure.

One day I go on Twitter and ask “What’s the sample on Guitar Solo by Danny Brown?”  A few people hit me back telling me it was Stanley Clark. Then I get an @ from Quelle on Twitter asking “Damn is anybody gonna ask the actual producer? lol”

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