Interview- Corey & Fatima pt 1


I’d say it was about 2 years ago when I got asked by my friend Dominique to be an extra for a movie she was working on. I don’t know at what point I learned that one of the guys directing it was Corey aka Sunspot Jonz of Living Legends, but I think that got me especially interested since I was a fan of his music. Plus, they promised food, so that’s always a great motivator for me.  I learned the film was also being directed and produced by the lead actress, Fatima Washington.  She, like Corey and Dominique, also hailed from the Bay Area. I grew up in the Bay til I was about 9, then moved to Los Angeles. I have a immediate love for all Bay folks. I remember the scene I was supposed to be in was a party in the Hollywood Hills. I met a bunch of the other extras, some of whom were from Detroit. I remember one scene I was in had a pile of white powder that was supposed to be coke on a table. And that was about it. Apparently after I was done, they had to shoot more footage, and an LAPD helicopter came to shut it down that night!

A few years later Dominique lets me know they had finished the film…but not quite.

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