Up Next! “I Don’t Give A…” Nire ft Jaq

IDGA_Art_Nire-1As you already know, I’m a Nola Darling fan.

And if you didn’t know Alex, Jaq, and I throw a party every 3rd saturday of month called Bashment Boogie at the Mandrake in Culver City.

Well, when I got the call that Jaq was in a ill video with Red Bull Music Academy grad DJ Nire…well then… you KNOW I’m on the case to support.

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Interview- Aimee Flint, pt 2

We continue with Aimee Flint as you get to see more of her background and love for music.

Whenever artists get a manager, they usually say the manager should find you, not the other way around.  That’s because the manager is going to be the first to promote your music and tell people about you.  They are going to champion your work.  In short, they’re already your biggest fan.

Aimee is a shining example of someone who is the biggest fan.  Who else would believe in the work as much as her?  It starts with her love of music first, then when she finds the artists who have the qualities she connects with, she is going to champion their work.  She won’t settle for less than what they are worth because she knows their value inside and out.  It was refreshing to hear someone who is responsible for the business aspect of everything to actually speak about music from a personal standpoint of love, not just something being “hot” or hearing them say “That album sold ___”.  While those qualities do say something about the work, the memories attached are priceless.  I was also struck by how she prefers CDs, vinyl, and cassettes more than her iPod.  I had never heard someone talk about the value of physical pieces of music like her before.

Pt 2-

– Memories of music

– iPods, vinyls, & cassettes

– The new album, Authenticity

Don’t forget, the new album comes out October 12th!

You can pre-order it through their website: http://www.theforeignexchangemusic.com/


To show you just how much Aimee rides for her crew, you can spot her in Yahzarah’s video for Why Dontcha Call Me No More.  She’s the drummer with the blond wig in case you didn’t notice.

Extra e-props to those who can tell me what character Aimee is portraying from Jem and the Holograms.

And doesn’t that leading guy look familiar?


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