Interview- Anthony Valadez

He's the man!I have a friend that invited me to Zanzibar in Santa Monica where Anthony spins every Friday.  It didn’t take me but about 10minutes to know he was DOPE.  I also caught his show on KCRW.  There’s no denying his music taste.

Last September my friend especially wanted to go check him out because 2 of our friends, one of whom is a DJ, had nothing but good things to say about his talent.  The DJ homegirl said:

“He changed the way I listened to music.”

It was easy enough to see why she said that.

This was a great interview.  The more he talked the more I wanted to keep talking to him.

Part 1

-How he fell in love with music.

-Paul Robeson, Michel Gondry, Michael Jackson, & Hulk Hogan.

-How he started making beats.

-The DJ scene in LA & his job as a DJ.

Part 2

-Projects he’s completed & working on.

-Where you can find him.

-Words of advice.

Be sure to check out his blog at:

Late Monday nights 12-3am on KCRW!

Click the pic and download a  sample mix of his album Audio/Visual: