Interview- Quelle Chris pt 1


I dunno when or why I started following Quelle Chris on Twitter, but it was a good time before Danny Brown became my new favorite emcee. I had been following him for a good while I’m sure of it, because the day he messaged me in this following little story, I had recognized his pic long enough but not his name.

At one point I had Guitar Solo off Danny Brown’s The Hybrid on repeat. It was the most mesmerizing beat I had heard in a long time. Part of it felt like a sample, and part of it didn’t. The way it looped sounded like a sample, but it was done so smoothly I wasn’t totally sure.

One day I go on Twitter and ask “What’s the sample on Guitar Solo by Danny Brown?”  A few people hit me back telling me it was Stanley Clark. Then I get an @ from Quelle on Twitter asking “Damn is anybody gonna ask the actual producer? lol”

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