Django Unchained review

article-2248211-16789D7A000005DC-728_634x422It’s only been in theaters a day and already Django Unchained is being praised and condemned to the levels of making friends become enemies. People will either be looked at strangely for having lack of taste in film, while others will be asked “What more do you want?!”, while others will be supremely offended by the violence and use of the word “nigger”.  To some extent, you know you have a good movie if people are at least offended because that means they feel something. If they don’t care about it either way and are bored, then you’ve really failed. To like something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. If it is cursed and reviled, then it might just be the best piece of work.  Tarantino surely isn’t without his reputation of causing some controversy. And controversy sells. Did he make this film to make people think or just for more money in his pocket, despite what he may claim in interviews?  Who knows.

All I know is, I walked away from the film giving it a B rating.

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