Interview- Ron Trent pt 1


This interview here is comin deep out the archives.

A while back I interviewed Ron Trent through my homegirl/cameragirl Eve. Admittedly, I’m not the most versed on House music and the scene, even though I was familiar with his name. How deep his roots run in music though, was way deeper than one could really imagine.

During this time Ron had just come from the New Music Seminar. This was during the point where there was a clear shift in the music sales and how music was being purchased. Spotify hadn’t come out yet and YouTube wasn’t quite the place to listen to full albums. It was clear from Ron’s perspective that there were going to be some necessary changes inside and out in order for the music industry to really flourish.  But that conversation will be in part 2….

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Interview- DJ Simbad Pt2

In this last portion of my interview with DJ Simbad, he gives more of the international perspective on playing gigs.  From all the places he’s traveled to, it’s interesting to see his perspective on how different countries get down.

I’ve always felt that places outside of the U.S. have embraced more of the soulful, envelope pushing music.  But in his eyes, even the places that may seem more free-spirited and open minded may not quite be as it seems.

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Interview- DJ Simbad pt1

Another gem out the archives.  My interview with DJ Simbad.

I was lucky to catch him while he was in town doing some gigs.  This man has traveled all over the world, rocking parties and doing his thing.  I had to especially pick his brain on the differences of cultures in the places he’s traveled.

 In this part of the interview I was especially interested in his discussion of quality.  As he noted, the idea of quality has been reduced not only in music, but many different places.  He also speaks on the drive it took to get him the blessing of doing what he loves and traveling the world.

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Interview- DJ Neil Armstrong pt 1

I can never forget the day.  It was as if it was meant for me to remember.

Around 2004, I was out shopping with some friends on Melrose.  I went into one spot with the homies and they were playing music over the speakers.  They were songs I knew because people had sampled them.  But then I heard a DJ scratching.  I asked the guy at the counter “Is this one of those joints where they play the original samples and stuff?”  He said yeah.  I had heard those kinds of tapes before, so I wasn’t about to get too geeked about it.  But the samples that were being dropped were gems.  Stuff that was hard to find.  And the way they were blended in was seamless.

I asked the guy at the counter “Who is this?”

“DJ Neil Armstrong he said.”

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