Interview: Corey & Fatima pt 3


As we round out the finale of the 3 part interview with Corey and Fatima on Isis Dynasty, I highly implore you to visit their IndieGogo page and donate anything you can to their cause. For all the complaints there are of nothing different and fresh in the entertainment market, now is the time for you to directly contribute to the cause!

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Interview- Corey & Fatima pt 2

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   As we continue with Corey and Fatima, we delve deeper into the craft of making the film, especially what it’s like working in a partnership for a role that is usually held by one person, and how being in an indie film requires people to play multiple roles at once. Fatima also gives terrific insight into how she had to balance being a director, who is usually behind the camera, while being the lead actress. For many people, managing multiple tasks is daunting and can sometimes dilute the quality of the project. But with the right people and great understanding of how each position must be played, Corey and Fatima were able to bring it all together to ensure that their movie was made with the exact right balance for the vision to be complete.

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Interview- Corey & Fatima pt 1


I’d say it was about 2 years ago when I got asked by my friend Dominique to be an extra for a movie she was working on. I don’t know at what point I learned that one of the guys directing it was Corey aka Sunspot Jonz of Living Legends, but I think that got me especially interested since I was a fan of his music. Plus, they promised food, so that’s always a great motivator for me.  I learned the film was also being directed and produced by the lead actress, Fatima Washington.  She, like Corey and Dominique, also hailed from the Bay Area. I grew up in the Bay til I was about 9, then moved to Los Angeles. I have a immediate love for all Bay folks. I remember the scene I was supposed to be in was a party in the Hollywood Hills. I met a bunch of the other extras, some of whom were from Detroit. I remember one scene I was in had a pile of white powder that was supposed to be coke on a table. And that was about it. Apparently after I was done, they had to shoot more footage, and an LAPD helicopter came to shut it down that night!

A few years later Dominique lets me know they had finished the film…but not quite.

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Interview- Steven-Charles Jaffe pt 3

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In this last section, Steven-Charles Jaffe drops some of the most direct, simple, and practical advice you might hear from someone in the film business.

Everyone wants to know, “How can I make it in the movie business?”  But, what they’re really asking for is a shortcut or a silver bullet for success, or something that will really increase their chances.

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Interview- Steven-Charles Jaffe pt 1

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Let’s go ahead and get the name dropping out of the way.


Star Trek VI.

Strange Days.

These are just a few of the films Steven-Charles Jaffe has produced.

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