I was born & raised in East Oakland, CA by my father, a musician from Trinidad, & mother, a nurse from Richmond, CA.

I have been around music all my life, playing African and Caribbean music with my father, my mother playing Soul & Classic Oldies around the house, & sister listening to R&B & Hip Hop.

At age 9, my mother & I moved to Los Angeles.  During junior high I played drums in my school’s jazz band & became a founding member of a Hip Hop group.

In high school I gave myself the name M.E.R.C.U.R.Y, which stands for “Messenger Expressing Rhymes of Consciousness Unto Revolutionary Youth”.  I shortened it to “Merc” & added 80, the number of the element Mercury.  If you want the longer explanation, feel free to ask!

In recent years I have seen more & more independent artists like me fighting uphill everyday to make an impact on the world.  I saw it wasn’t just brilliant musicians being overlooked, it was actors, photographers, filmmakers, etc.  Along with that, I have heard more & more consumers voice their distaste for what they are being exposed to as “art” or “entertainment”.

This blog was created to share the stories of the most talented artists I have met, & artists who have influenced me.

This blog was created to inform consumers of what else is out there, what it takes for artists to create their work, & to form a sense of artistic appreciation.

This blog was created to help other artists develop their craft & business skills.

This blog was created to refute the cookie cutter entertainment industry.


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