Interview- Steven-Charles Jaffe pt 3

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In this last section, Steven-Charles Jaffe drops some of the most direct, simple, and practical advice you might hear from someone in the film business.

Everyone wants to know, “How can I make it in the movie business?”  But, what they’re really asking for is a shortcut or a silver bullet for success, or something that will really increase their chances.

The answer to make it in probably every industry is, “Get really good, then cast a wide net for your network and your audience.”  After that, there are no guarantees. Unless, maybe you have a lot of money of your own to cast your net wider. That can increase your chances too. But still, there’s no guarantee what will happen the next time around.

But Steven says something very simple that a lot of people seem to take for granted. I think it’s something that can only really come from elder wisdom- experience life.

Yes we all need imagination. But imagination creates a lot of fantasy. It can take people out of their reality into another world. But sometimes we need to confront the here and now, the reality of things, the total truth. It’s the confrontation and conflict with the truth and the human condition (however good or bad) that facilitates growth. For a long time now, Hollywood has been rebooting films that are barely a decade old, trying to revive more monetary life out of ideas. It makes good for business sometimes and cost-benefit scenarios, but the overall result doesn’t make sense. It causes creative stagnation and formulaic thinking, which as I pointed out a long time ago is coming to bite us all in the ass with the constant flatlined thought processes. As a result,  so many things turn out dead on arrival. So what do they do? Go back to the past to recycle it all over again.

But for Steven, filmmaking is a necessity for driving the culture and social paradigm forward, not just a way to hustle up money. It’s a craft that requires care from the very foundation and can’t be faked with a lot of money and special effects, but a sincerity from the start.

Part 3: Experience Life

– Advice on how to hone your craft

– The new way to “make it”

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