Interview- Steven-Charles Jaffe pt 1

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Let’s go ahead and get the name dropping out of the way.


Star Trek VI.

Strange Days.

These are just a few of the films Steven-Charles Jaffe has produced.

Now I should have your attention. Now, let’s start with the story…

I’ve known Steven’s daughter since 7th grade and never knew her dad was a movie producer til about a month ago!

Essentially, I did some consulting for her father’s documentary on cartoonist Gahan Wilson. Steven had already made the film and had great names like Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Guillermo del Toro and more. Even with all these heavy hitters, and people exclaiming how great the film was, he was still having trouble getting all the funding he needed for his Kickstarter campaign. All he needs is about $50k, and they raised about half of that. Well, what would that 50k be used for you ask?…

“The money we raise with your help will not go towards paying my producers or myself.  It will be used to book the theaters, pay for advertising, hire a publicist, do a technical finish to the sound and picture, pay for final music and stock footage licensing. “

Look, there are some entertainers who’s asking price just to speak at an event is $10k.  Steven had already shot and produced the film, all he needs is a little bit of money to fully let it flourish in the marketplace. As you can see, indie filmmaking is not so easy. Once you finish it, you’re still not finished.

So after talking with his daughter on a few  ways he can gain attention to his film, especially in this age of social media and such, I figured the least I could do is interview him and not only talk about his film’s subject, Gahan Wilson, but also talk about his experience in the film business. Pay close attention here, because you’re probably not going to get a whole lot of gems like this many other places…

Pt 1- Luck and timing

-Vietnam, USC, and falling into the movie business.

– Talent, luck, and timing.




Be sure to connect with Steven Charles Jaffe by staying up to date on his film on Twitter, Facebook, and the documentary’s website. All sorts of goodies go to those who donate to the film. Every little bit counts!

Check out this little video here as Steven and a few others from the film Ghost reunite at an outdoor film screening and talk about the story, casting, and special effects in the film.



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