Interview – Strange Love Pt 1

strange jacketLos Angeles has long been a haven for the more eclectic artists. And when it comes down to it, being eclectic and eccentric are about the only things you can say may tie them together. But at the end of the day, you will not find any one of them to be completely alike. Whether it be Earl Sweatshirt, Def Sound, or Blu, they all have their eccentricities in different ways. ¬†What’s common is the fearlessness in being themselves, flaws and all. And in comes Strange Love.

I met Strange when I was in high school. I knew him as Jon. One of the younger cool kids at a school that didn’t have that many Black people. But every time I saw him he was happy and chill. I think we would get into random conversations about Hip Hop sometimes because me and some of my friends were known to do music and such. After I graduated I heard him and some other kids from my alma mater formed a Hip Hop group. I was happy to know the musical legacy continued in some way. For a long time I hadn’t seen or heard from him until I ran into him here and there back at my old school. Then I saw his name pop up on Facebook as “Strange Love” and he would hasthtag things with #strange. I didn’t get it at first. Then I understood that it was part of his alter/not alter ego on the mic.

What I love about cats like Strange Love is that they aren’t afraid to be themselves. Even if it is an “act” of some sort, it is a way of expressing what they feel. I really don’t think he’s acting at all even. See there’s a different in pretending and performing. Pretending doesn’t have any truth to it whatsoever, but performing is about the presentation. Many people pretend, and don’t know how to perform. They can act one way for a while, but there’s no authenticity. A performer has to have some kind of authenticity to hold your attention. As soon as Strange speaks, you have no choice but to listen because of the energy he exudes. He really means what he says, and he’s not worried if you don’t believe him. A performer performs because they love it, not always because they need to sell you on their worth. Strange Love knows his worth, and that’s what makes his creative spirit all the more intriguing.

Part 1: The Art of Not Caring

– The history of Strange Love

– How he got his name

– His style



Strange Love has a lot of mixtapes and material all over the place, but you can especially find it on his youtube page. Here’s a sample…


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