Interview- Ron Trent pt 1


This interview here is comin deep out the archives.

A while back I interviewed Ron Trent through my homegirl/cameragirl Eve. Admittedly, I’m not the most versed on House music and the scene, even though I was familiar with his name. How deep his roots run in music though, was way deeper than one could really imagine.

During this time Ron had just come from the New Music Seminar. This was during the point where there was a clear shift in the music sales and how music was being purchased. Spotify hadn’t come out yet and YouTube wasn’t quite the place to listen to full albums. It was clear from Ron’s perspective that there were going to be some necessary changes inside and out in order for the music industry to really flourish. ┬áBut that conversation will be in part 2….

In this section, we talk about Ron’s roots in House music. His background in a very music loving family. He also gives us a glimpse into the underground music scene in Chicago as House music was budding along side Hip Hop and many other styles. This is a first person account from someone who was there, and saw it all spring into popularity. He even played a role early, creating a bangin track at 16 that was played by the premier DJs on the scene. There’s no doubt he had the gift early, and has been putting it to use ever since. And as you can see, he takes his craft seriously because of the spiritual quality music brings.

Part 1 – Culture

– Ron’s story

– Why House music

– The House music scene of yesterday



Check out this most classic House production by Ron Trent.

He was 16 when he made this. It smashed the clubs then, and it’s STILL jammin now.


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