Interview- Elle Ball pt 1

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Some time ago when I started this site, I got an email from a friend. She suggested I interview her friend named Lauren. “Lauren is a great singer.”, my friend told me. She emailed me a link to her music, and I liked it!  And as it turned out, I was already following her on twitter!  As I read her twitter feed, I saw that she seemed to be in a new country almost every week. She wasn’t on a major label. I didn’t quite know how she was getting these gigs in all these stellar places for extensive periods of time. But as I caught on that she was touring, it became apparent that she was part of a LARGE tour. And boy was it large. She was part of Katy Perry’s tour!

At long last once she finally arrived back home in LA, I interviewed her. And numerous apologies need to be made for the fact that this interview has been sitting in the archives for so long. If you see the picture above here, she is part of a contest where 3 artists can win $25, 000 in prizes to help an artist get noticed by the majors. If there was ever a deserving talent, it’s this lovely songstress here.  Listen to her talk about her travels and the work it takes to be on the road with a major Pop star.

Part 1: The World Traveler

– Elle’s story

– Singing and traveling

– Touring with Katy Perry




As mentioned, Elle is part of a major contest.

Take a listen to her track and be sure to vote for her HERE

Contest ends Feb. 19th!  Vote every day!  Tell your friends!


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