Interview- Quelle Chris pt 1


I dunno when or why I started following Quelle Chris on Twitter, but it was a good time before Danny Brown became my new favorite emcee. I had been following him for a good while I’m sure of it, because the day he messaged me in this following little story, I had recognized his pic long enough but not his name.

At one point I had Guitar Solo off Danny Brown’s The Hybrid on repeat. It was the most mesmerizing beat I had heard in a long time. Part of it felt like a sample, and part of it didn’t. The way it looped sounded like a sample, but it was done so smoothly I wasn’t totally sure.

One day I go on Twitter and ask “What’s the sample on Guitar Solo by Danny Brown?”  A few people hit me back telling me it was Stanley Clark. Then I get an @ from Quelle on Twitter asking “Damn is anybody gonna ask the actual producer? lol”

I then asked “Dude! Are you the producer?!” I sang his praises for picking such a perfect sample. For me, a few Hip Hop tracks have that kind of feeling in the sample that producers aspire to find. 93 til and Runnin are examples.

I chatted with Quelle on the phone in between that time stacking up producers for possible music placements in projects. Then when i found out he was in town I tried to be sure to get an interview with him. Quelle is hilarious first of all. I don’t know if it’s a Libra trait, because Brook D’leau‘s sense of comedic timing is almost similar, but every minute he was saying something witty.

Quelle is the kind of musician who (I think) is always thinking about music. He probably constantly hears a beat in his head, or thinking about a record he is going to sample. He has too much energy to be confined. We had to stop in the middle of filming at times for him to stretch his legs, walk around, smoke a bit, etc. Creative people usually have a lot of energy and a lot on their mind, and they stay in a constant state of moving somehow someway. It’s probably also reflective of Quelle’s constant traveling. Detroit, to Chicago, to LA, to NY, to who knows where else. He has a lot done ( some obscene number of albums he mentions in the interview) and a lot more to do.

So, without further ado, I present emcee and producer Quelle Chris. One of my new favorite producers in the past year. You can also hear the homie I Ced sometimes adding in on the session!

Part 1

– Quelle’s story is a billion stories.

– When he decided on doing music.

 – Influences



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