Interview- Miss Jck Dvy (Jack Davey) Pt 1

It’s no secret that I’ve been a J*DaVeY fan for quite some time now. One of my wishes come true was to interview Brook and Miss Jack. Separately and together.  On multiple occasions even. It’s a special feeling when artists you admire trust you enough to talk to you and be themselves. About a month ago I took someone to a spot called Church held by Mark de Clive Lowe. Miss Jack was going to be DJing and I surely hadn’t seen her in a long time. We briefly chatted in the spot and she told me she was coming out with another project.

 “We should do another interview.”, she said. I was flattered that out of all people, out the many ways I’m sure she could have reached out to people, journalists,  etc., that she figured I’d be a good candidate to interview her about her new music. It let me know that she trusted my work enough to represent what she’s doing.

Not too long after that I got to hang with Muse/genius extraordinaire (by my deeming) Ms. NaiVasha aka Vash. I found out Miss Jack and Vash were working together on Miss Jack’s new 3 part EP project. I was excited to see these forces combine  And the music! Oh the music. It actually SOUNDED like music!  Not bunch of processed stuff, but someone speaking and creating from their heart.

I caught up with Miss Jack after her show at the LACMA with my camera-woman Jewel K. Estephanos (get familiar with that name). It was the first time I had ever seen Miss Jack behind the stage before going on. Seeing an artist behind the curtain is a very interesting perspective. It was a brand new Miss Jack. Her voice was different. Her presence was different. A lot of artists try to “brand” themselves. The problem is, it’s hard to grow as a brand and maintaine your humanity. But Miss Jack made herself understood to be ever growing and changing. But as usual, once she started, the whole audience was in a trance.  It had been nearly a year since I had last interviewed her and at that time she was pregnant. You could say she’s given birth again with this new project. Through this interview we talk about all these creations and transformations of hers.

Part 1: Changes

1. Being a mom.

2. Young womanhood to motherhood.

3. Preparing for a show.




So Side A of L0-F! (pronounced: Lo-Fi) dropped last month. But Side B dropped TODAY!

Peep the video from Side A, Howl at the Moon,
and the video that just dropped today from Side B- Like That

Howl at the Moon

Like That


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