Interview- Montage One Pt1

If you’ve been following along with the site you may remember Montage One from my interview with him and Tristate , or from my album review of his project that dropped about 3 months after that interview.  During that time Montage was in a difficult space as he was pushing his solo project on the underground. He had been laid off from his day job during a difficult economy. Montage was trying to promote his project to fuel him financially, and spiritually. He depended largely on some sort of success with that music to get to a  level where he can keep making more music. Making music with little to no money is not easy. To make a quality project you need time and money, and at least with money the time factor isn’t so bad. But when you depend on your art to help not only fuel you, but to help pay bills, the pressure mounts. Montage and I would talk every so often about the show scene in Los Angeles, which was severely lacking. He had to weave his way into things with seemingly little resources at his disposal. But despite the hurdles, he was determined to make it work.

Then after a lull, we connected again. Unbeknownst to me Montage had been working on a new album. I knew he got a day job some time ago, but day jobs can many times become a distraction for artists. But not for Montage. That supplemental income was just what he needed to make this new material. As he states in the interview, he’s in a good place because now he can create what he wants without having to compromise quality or integrity.  There wasn’t so much pressure. Many people think the best things come from the tortured, starving artist  But in these days, artists must be their own business. They have to not only create, but distribute, market, publicize, and manage themselves. They must handle all aspects of business, which requires a level head. Being a tortured, broke soul isn’t always a good thing for the product. If your mind is concerned with any other aspect of the day to day, creating becomes that much harder. Montage proves that being in a good space mentally can create the best material. And trust me, I’ve heard the album. It’s no joke. Positive thinking can produce positive results.


 Part 1

– How he got his name.

– The last album to the new album- being in a good place.




Peep some tracks off Montage’s new album 10.6.3 OGX

Lie #1 – feat. Yahzarah & The Foreign Exchange, prod by DJ Babu

BEAT2DEF – feat. Ras Kass & Guilty Simpson, prod by J Listed, cuts by DJ Revolution


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