Interview: Gifted & Blessed

The next set of interviews are coming from deep in the archives.  Took me a while to get to these cats, but better late than never right?

About 2 years ago my home-girl Eve told me about a guy named Gifted & Blessed that she thought we should interview.  A very striking name to me.  I told her to send me some tracks to listen to.  Heard two tracks and was sold.  It was a warm, vibrant sound.  Very laid back.  It just felt good to listen to.  What was his secret?  Was it the chords and patterns?  Maybe. But part of it also, I learned, was that it was all analog!

For those who don’t know, analog electronics and analog sound is basically what most music we know of was recorded on.  Many of those classic albums we know and love were recorded on tape, where the signals and patterns are much more warm and stronger in detail.  With things that are completely digitally recorded, the computer can only mimic or estimate certain parts of sound waves.  You can hear the difference when you compare something on a basic quality mp3 versus vinyl.  It’s a debate that goes on and on, but for all of us early 80s babies, the last generation to know analog, we seem to notice the difference the most.

When you’re around Gabriel, aka Gifted and Blessed, you feel a very chill vibe and spirit.  The artwork on his albums are very psychedelic in nature with mixes of Latin culture and various spiritual elements.  He doesn’t speak in complicated terms.  I don’t even think he looks at what he does as complex.  He just does what he feels.  It’s the energy he feels that he transfers into the music.  When he is for hire on a certain project them maybe he’ll put more thought into it.  But when it comes to his own projects he makes his paintings and either you embrace them or you don’t.  He never comes off that way, but he knows the depths of his abilities.  The background music in this interview  is from a mix of beats he did from 2001-2004.  Even nearly a decade ago, his ear was probably far more advanced than most of his peers.  He recognizes his gifts and blessings, and that isn’t meant in a competitive way, but in a humble way.

 Weapon of Choice

– Analog weapons

-His story

– His influences

-Spirituality and his name(s)

-Where to find him

-Words of advice


You can find Gifted & Blessed on…

His website:

Twitter: @GiftedBlessed





Take a listen to his most recent project, The Provider EP!


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