Interview- YahZarah pt 2

Guess who’s gonna be a mom!

Around the time we did this interview I guess Yahz would have been about a month along.  If I had known I would have had plenty more questions to ask.

I found this excellent interview of Yahzarah where she talks about anticipating being a mother and the life of motherhood while being a performing artist.

As we continue with this interview and wrap up the session, she tells you where you can find more of her music as well as her words of inspiration to everyone out there.


Part 2- Opportunity and preparation

– Where you can find her

– Words of advice


As she said, you can find her at


Twitter – @Yahzarah



Are you still sleeping on this woman’s skills?  Check out these personal favorites of mine.

Why Dontcha Call Me No More

Cry Over You feat. Phonte


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