Interview- YahZarah pt 1

I think YahZarah is everything many female vocalists wish they were.




Vocally gifted.

Spiritually sound.

It was some years ago when The Foreign Exchange first dropped their first album Connected, and one of my favorite tracks was “Sincere”.  When I finally saw the video for it my heart jumped like “Whoa!  Who is that girl!?”

Years later I finally got to see The Foreign Exchange live and Yahzarah graced the stage.  It’s as if she retains all the values of engaging the audience that they really only teach in performance schools and acting classes.  Thank goodness for Twitter giving me the ability to connect to her. I told her once she got to L.A. we had to do an interview, and that was that!


Part 1: This gift is not mine.

– How she fell in love with music

– Her inspirations

You can find her on Twitter like I did!- @Yahzarah

Please be sure to get her album, The Ballad of Purple St. James, ASAP!  She’s also featured on all 3 of The Foreign Exchange albums.  Please don’t sleep.



So earlier that night, YahZarah hit the stage and reduced me to dust.  Pretty sure it was this song that did it.




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