Interview- DJ Neil Armstrong pt 2

It’s a funny story how Neil became Jay’s DJ.  Apparently, the taste-maker and creative spirit extraordinaire Vashtie recommended Neil Armstrong to Jay-Z as he asked who a good DJ would be for him.  She had heard his mixtapes and liked them.  Jay trusted her sense of taste, and the rest was history…

To hear Neil talk about how his mixes were considered strange to his homies was really eye opening.  Especially for him to say that out of his crew, he considered himself the least skilled.  But as he says, the real key ingredient is going forward with what you want to do, trusting yourself and your abilities, and pioneering forward.  A guy such as Neil who does have that ear of music, and has worked with some of the most elite musicians touring with Jay-Z goes to show that having a creative and brave mind can take you to many high places.

Part 2- For the love

– Touring with Jay-Z

– Turntablists as “musicians”

– Words of advice

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Please be sure to download his mixtape dedicated to Jay-Z: DNA of the Blueprint

There are songs on here that I never knew Jay sampled.

For example:   did you know Empire State of Mind was based off a sampled song?

I’m sure a lot of these tracks you’ve heard before.  But I swear you’ve never heard em like this!

Me and my friends agreed, Neil can make a song sound better just by putting it on!

Go here to download:



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