Interview J*DaVeY pt 2

Let’s get right into it shall we?

I figured I already asked them the standard questions on their previous interviews, why not change it up a bit with some fun questions from Twitter?…

Part 2: Fun Questions

– Live songs

-Clothing line

-Artists they want to work with

-A distant admirer

-What to expect on the vocal side

J*DaVeY are now taking a small break from the New World Culture Tour.  They’ll be hittin the ATL, then traveling on up the East Coast, to Midwest, back to the West.  Are they hitting your town?  Click the pic to get tickets on their site!


By the way…Have you gotten Evil Christian Cop yet?


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  • I love how Jack talks about “saying something” rather than “spitting benign lyrics” . Pulling something across . I dig that . And of course, I’m super excited about “Little Tramp$”, Brook’s upcoming song . Its gonna be hot, folks .

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