Interview- J*DaVeY pt 1

At long last here I have both Brook and Miss Jack in the same place ready to interview.  I hit Brook up the same day they announced their tour like “Yo man, I gotta get an interview in with both of yall before you hit the stratosphere!”  He laughed and said OK cool.

I learned the hard way when I didn’t keep following up with Miguel.  Next thing I knew he got heavy rotation on the radio and it was pretty clear I wasn’t gonna catch him anytime soon.  Since then I’ve learned, as soon as you see the heat, strike!  Luckily for me I did get Brook and Miss Jack before, but I needed at least one time with them together.

I’m also happy that I already got Def Sound’s rookie cards here and here.  He makes a small guest appearance in this interview too.

Essentially you’ll see that all the pieces are coming together for Brook and Jack.

New music, touring, the album (yes, it’s coming out), and more things that they’re keeping under wraps for now.

Without further ado, let’s catch up with J*DaVeY!


Part 1 – Perfect Timing

-What’s up guys?

-The most often asked question

-J*DaVeY and Warner relationship

-The Secret to “the Genius” (Whoops!  I just made something EPIC.)


Be sure to keep up with through their tour on…

Twitter: Miss JackBrook D’Leau –  WeAreJDaVeYDef Sound

Their website

And get that new EP Evil Christian Cop NOW!



As Brook was describing how Lil Big Heads came together with Questlove, take a listen.   How great music can come together just going with it!



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