Interview- Melody Ehsani pt 2

When I started seeing that a lot of women paid attention to shoes on men, I decided to look at women’s shoes more often too.  I figure, if I buy my sneakers to express my sense of style, then heels are probably stating something also.   A person’s clothes can say a lot about them, just like their album collection, or art hanging on the wall.  Some clothes don’t look good on everybody.  It takes a good awareness of yourself to find your own style and wear things that makes you stand out.  And to think, there’s so many different kinds of women’s shoes.  I would notice that some shoes would have an elegance that would match the woman’s personality.  Some would look like pieces of art.  I came to appreciate women’s style more and what it says about their tastes.

For Melody, it’s clear that she makes her designs to be a statement.  Not only as a testament to her love of the craft, but to give women the ability to make a statement to those who see them.  It’s as if she gives women more power with everything they wear.  She makes pieces that give women more confidence once they step out the door.  When you see the “POW” earrings, or the Blueprint heels, those items let everyone know: “This girl don’t play!”

Melody doesn’t make things just for you to wear, they’re things for you to express.

As she says, when you look down and see her shoes on your feet, you can be sure that you look good.

Pt 2 – Comfort, Pain, and Grace

– High Heels and Beauty

–  Assurance

– How to find her

– Words of advice

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Peep these out.  What do these pieces say about the person wearing them?


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