Interview- Melody Ehsani pt 1

A common stereotype is that artists are usually very insecure people.  I don’t agree.  I think artists are the most brave people there are.  They have to take a lot of risks and share their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives with the world.  That’s not easy.  Most wouldn’t dare take that path in place of one that is much more safe.  Melody Ehsani is a perfect example of the courageous artist.

I can’t remember how I knew of Melody first.  Either it was through our mutual homegirl DJ Lady Sha, or the project she was working on with Saul Williams, Niggy Tardust.  I’m very sure though that once Niggy Tardust came out, everyone was asking him where he had gotten his three finger rings, and he named Melody Ehsani.  Soon after that, three and four finger rings became the hottest fashion everywhere.  I hadn’t seen those joints since maybe the mid-80s.  I really wanted one too.

Next thing I knew a friend told me Melody was in Hong Kong to create her fashion line.  Then Erykah Badu was wearing her rings. Beyonce was wearing her designed glasses.  Then she was all over the internet.   Girls on Twitter were tweeting her name and her high heels, saying “Look at these!” as if it was exactly what they had been waiting for.  It was sleek style, power, and sexiness all wrapped into one.  The sleek, powerful, and sexy women all wore them.

It was clear, Melody Ehsani was becoming a brand name to take very seriously.

I got the chance to get Melody’s story.  I love it when I get creative people to also expound on their spiritual side and the confidence it takes to take risks.

Pt 1- Finding Truth

– Leaving law school to product design

– Influences and inspirations

– Finding truth amongst doubt

– Women

You may not be able to get purchases before Christmas, but go on and check out her stuff now and see if you don’t want to place an order!


Some famous folks you have seen rocking her designs.  Familiar?



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