Interview- Nola Darling

As we proceed with Women’s Week, I give you a duo that has truly inspired me.

The ladies of Nola Darling!

I’ve know Jaq since she was in…8th grade?  See, in the LA private school world, all the schools are basically connected.   And when you’re black and go to a private school, the world becomes even SMALLER.  So through various friends we eventually met.  Anybody who was really deep into Hip Hop was going to stand out at their school.   She was known apparently as the real Hip Hop girl at her school.  I think she was especially known to be a big Nas and Wu-Tang fan.

Years later, I find Jaq has linked with a homegirl named Alexandra aka Alex while at NYU.  They were doing music together.  Then they made a documentary on Hip Hop from traveling abroad (check some of that out here).

Then they dropped their Pretty Gritty Mini-Mixtape and I was blown away!  They were goin hard.  Raw beats, with that African/Carribean flavor.

The biggest turn for me was when I saw their first show since moving back to LA last year.  During this time I had felt a bit run down by Hip Hop, and the whole scene and art in general.  I had felt that I had lost a lot of inspiration as an artist.  I think I was in the middle of a thought when they hopped on stage and just started jumping up and down with mad energy.  I felt alive again!  It was something about hearing them singing and rapping and jumping around that made me remember again why I love music so much.  From that point on I was a mission to spread the gospel about these ladies.

This is another interview out the archives.  Check it out

Part 1

How they each fell in love with music

How they met

How Nola Darling formed

Part 2

The video they had just finished at the time (Bangpopfoto, whattup!)

Their style

What “Nola Darling” represents

MAD shout-outs.

Click the picture below to DOWNLOAD Nola Darling’s Pretty Gritty Mini-Mixtape.  You won’t be disappointed.

Click to download the mixtape!

Be sure to connect with Nola D on:

Twitter- @NolaDarling

Facebook – Nola Darling Fanpage


BONUS: Check out their latest video for the track “Step to Me”


Last year they opened up at the UCLA Jazz/Reggae Fest.  I filmed parts of it for ’em, and then I just had to get on my campaign steez.  Check it out!



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