Interview- emoniFela

Next up on the Women’s Week vibe is emoniFela.

If you come to the MIXER tonight, you’ll get to see her rock along with a bunch of other crazy dope artists.

How I connected to emoniFela is a quite random.  I put up my interview with Brook D’leau of J*Davey last year just on YouTube, and I saw Emoni had said something about it to him over Twitter.  I think she re-tweeted it.  I then clicked on her profile.  I clicked the link to her Myspace page.  I had felt like I heard of her before but wasn’t sure from where.  I heard the music and was like “Hey!  This is dope!”  I hit her up on Twitter and asked if she was down to do an interview, and bam.  We’ve been friends ever since.  This was my first time getting from behind the camera and having Eve do the camerawork too.

There’s not much else I can say about Emoni except that she is the true embodiment of an artist.  Her style of writing and rhyming is all her own.  She hits the stage and just goes into the zone.  She has no fear.  She is a free spirit.  She helped me remember what the creative spirit really looks like in a game full of copycats and wannabees.  She has the spirit of a woman who has been here many lifetimes before.  She’s awesome.

Part 1

Her story

Her style

Her influences


Part 2

Being marketable

Paying dues regardless

How to find her

Words of advice

Hear more on her Myspace page

Connect on Twitter-  @emoniFela

BONUS: Once I saw this video of emoniFela rockin, I knew she was the real deal.



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