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MERC80′s TOP 10

So I just got hip to MTV’s 2010 Hottest in the Game.

In the top 10 of worst Hip Hop lists, MTV makes the #2 spot and BET #1.  MTV only makes #2 and not number 1 because the list changes year to year, and really only talks about who was hot THIS YEAR.  BET actually tried to go for the hottest MC of the 21st century.  I guess this means they shouldn’t be doin another list for another 100 years.  lol

But seriously, BET really tried to say the hottest MC of the century with some questionable people on the panel and questionable rules.  But as with all of these lists they are based on opinion and it’s hard to gauge the balance of data and facts with art…

But since we’re all into ranking and lists, I decided to make a list of my own.  Here we go…


The criteria is pretty self explanatory…they should have been on a top ten list.  Plain and simple.

#10 Diggy Simmons

Nepotism at it ‘s finest, but this dude can’t be slept on.  He came out and surprised everybody with skills.  He can flow better than half the older cats out, and at least half the guys on any top ten list.  So what’s the problem?  He hasn’t sold enough?  He doesn’t have enough units or something?

#9 Curren$y

Am I trippin, or has this dude gotten street and industry cred rather quickly?  Just recently he was spotted gettin down with The Roots and Q-tip.   Put him on that top 10 so he can get more known ya dummies!

#8 Wiz Khalifa

Again, street and industry cred.  Black and Yellow is pretty bangin too.  I don’t wanna hear about mix-tapes versus album.  Mix-tapes basically are albums at this point, so let’s just say who’s hot and keep it at that.  Drake even asked this cat to go on tour with him, and Wiz said no because he wants to brand himself without riding on someone else’s coattails.  Word.

#7 Bun B

There used to be a point where The Source mic ratings meant something.  Now, I don’t know if this is a testament to how much people don’t care about The Source or how cynical people have become, but just this year Bun B got 5 mics in The Source.  This is a rare rating and not something you take entirely lightly.  Maybe it’s because so many others have gotten ratings that many felt were an injustice, either too high or too low.  But either way, the man got 5 mics.  And he’s known to be a very lyrical, down to earth emcee.  He’s legendary in the South who has had consistent dope verses for years.  I haven’t heard the whole album, only some, but I can’t front like the songs weren’t good.  Would I have given it 5 mics?  Dunno about that.  But my oh my, how he remained slept on.

#6 Big Boi

He had a great album this year, and after all the label drama he went through he was severely neglected by the whole Hip Hop community.  I didn’t hear hardly any radio play or anything.  But when Shutterbugg comes on at the party, I see people gettin down to it without hesitation.  Great video too.

#5 Yelawolf

I was surprised this dude didn’t rise faster.  That may be a good thing though.  Rise to the top too fast and you’re liable to fall just as quickly.  He’s been debated about with some folks when it comes to his skills but if you check the video below, he clearly has storytelling skills and flows.  I first really heard about him last year following SXSW, he seemed to be the hardest hustling act there.  Now he’s been on Big Boi’s album, featured with Gucci Mane.  I dunno.  Maybe next year?

#4 Gucci Mane

I mean…I get it.  He has a unique voice and he says some funny stuff sometimes.  He has a lot of charisma.  Personally I think he represents a lot of the image that has come to dominate Hip Hop as far as stereotype but man…I have heard his name amongst so many circles for the past year.  I even know other lyrical, “conscious” rappers who like him.  He’s everyone’s guilty pleasure.  He’s been big-upped by Waka Flaka Flame (who did make some top lists oddly enough).  So…Why not him?

#3 A West Coast Artist

You mean to tell me there was NO WEST COAST artist worth ranking this year?  In fact, in all of these top ten lists, I don’t remember hardly any point that a West Coast artist is ever named.  Meanwhile, I’m gettin emails from cats in the UK who are doin the Jerk.  People who want to learn how to Dougie.  And all kinds of people who immediately jump up to dance to Toot It and Boot It.  So y’all love us whenever we can make you dance, but not enough to keep us in the history books huh?  I see how it is hahaha

#2 Nas

There was all that controversy earlier this year surrounding Nas, his divorce, and the arrival of his new son.  But the highly anticipated album with Damian Marley was slept on beyond belief.  No radio play I can think of.  Hardly any real support from the Hip Hop industry at large.  It was a very creative album, with hardly any one song leaning totally toward reggae or Hip Hop.  It had great positive messages about Black upliftment and situations happening in Africa.  Great lyrical content.  But what, no club single?  It wasn’t “hot” enough?  Here we have one of the most respected lyricists in the genre for almost 2 decades, and he’s completely neglected by the game.

#1 Black Thought

Are you kidding me?  Best live show emcee.  Flawless flow.  Was on a great album this year.  And he’s on your TV screen EVERY NIGHT.  After that classic cipher with Mos Def and Eminem last year I was SURE that people were gonna pay more attention.  But…*shrug*


J Period & Black Thought Present “The Live Mixtape” illadelph edition @ the 2010 MANIFESTO Festival (OFFICIAL) from on Vimeo.


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  1. Stephan #

    i’m on the same page with you! black thought also is my #1 in my list. concerning skills and musicality he normaly must be a big superstar, but it seems most people choose bling and presentation over craft and content. but in our superficial world today it’s not really a big surprise, is it!?


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