The Foreign Exchange, pt 3

In this final installment, we talk about the state of mainstream music and how, in reality, the joke is on us.

If any of you are fans of Little Brother, Phonte’s original group, you know that around 2005 their video for “Lovin Itwas not accepted to be aired on BET because it was deemed “too intelligent” for BET’s audience.  The immediate backlash caused a denial from BET (even though they still didn’t air it), but it made people fully aware that now the gatekeepers were seeming to dumb down their material ON PURPOSE.  I suppose things were reconciled later once Phonte was included on the Hip Hop Award’s cipher, but not much seems to have changed overall.  Groups like Little Brother who don’t fit the mold of what’s “hot” right now hardly seem to get any mainstream support.

Around the same time of the BET fiasco, Phonte created a parody character called Percy miracles.  Percy was a combination of Ron Isley, R. Kelly, and just about any other ignorant artist that could come to mind.  But at some point, he found that Hip Hop had gotten too ignorant to even make fun of, because the joke now became a serious part of the culture, as he wrote in his old Myspace blog.

In this last part Phonte speaks on all these things, as well as some words to grow on from both himself and Nicolay…

Part 3- Too Intelligent

-Phonte on Percy Miracles & mainstream Black music

– How to keep up with The Foreign Exchange

– Words of advice

As the fellas said, you can keep up with The Foreign Exchange through these routes:


Phonte on Twitter: @Phontigallo

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The Foreign Exchange on Twitter: @FEOfficial


There was so much great stuff coming out of the interview and I had to choose to cut some parts of the discussion out.  But this part was too great.  It killed me to take it out of the main part, but have a look at this bonus footage of Phonte talking about male vocalists:

Please be sure to get their newest album Authenticity, as well as their classic material:



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