The Foreign Exchange, pt 2

We continue with part 2 of the 3 part interview with Phonte and Nicolay.  In this part we talk more about their creative process.

It’s interesting to see people who say “Thank you” when being told their style is unique and different.  It’s actually probably one of the best compliments you can give any artist.  Every artist’s goal is to create something that adds to the pot of greatness to blend in with the history, but stand out enough to be noticed.  The recognizable aspects of the artist (“branding” so to speak) is what makes the listener already know when the product is hot.  “Oh this is a Premiere beat…this sounds like a Timbaland beat”.  And when the recognizable voice comes over it, it creates just the right unison.  Phonte’s voice and flow are like no others I can think of.

Part 2: The Process

– Nicolay on his production style and sound

– Phonte on writing & “The Jay-Z Method”

By the way…

Did you know that The Foreign Exchange are 100% indie?  In-house production, writing, talent, and they get all the other artwork and such done in order to give it to you, straight no chaser

The new album, Authenticity, is doin mighty well too.

Per the @FEOfficial Twitter:

#Authenticity | BillBoard Album Top 200: #145 | Top New Artist Albums: #3 | R&B Album Chart: #23. Thank you for your support! #IndiePower

Support the music!


There’s a 3 part documentary detailing The history of the group, how they created their albums and so forth.  You also get a little taste of how they get down live!

Peep Part 1, and catch parts 2 & 3 HERE so you can get the whole history


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