Interview- Aimee Flint, pt 3

If you look at Aimee’s profile on the Foreign Exchange website, there is a section for “Life Philosophy”.

It says the following:

“Against the grain, that’s where I’ll stay, swimming upstream, I will maintain against the grain .. “

– Bad Religion

Aimee is not the kind of person that believes in following the conventional path.  Her passion is what drives her to do what most would consider a very risky job.  In this final part of the interview she talks about the hurdles that come with working in the music industry, and gives advice for those looking to make it.  As she says , “It’s no bullshit.”

Pt 3

– Working in music

– When in Rome…

If you want to stay connected to the Foreign Exchange Music family and Aimee, you can find her here-

Twitter: @AimeeFlint/@FEOfficial


Foreign Exchange profile:

Next Week: Phonte & Nicolay 3-part interview!

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