Interview- Jansport J

Before I had my cameragirl I was just running around with my little flip Mino camera interviewing people wherever I could catch them.  I think I met Jansport J randomly at this studio that’s right around the corner from my house.  I heard some of his tracks and I told him I wanted to interview him.  Next time he was in the studio he hit me on Twitter like “Yo, let’s make it happen.”  And that was that.  I was really happy to see that he took his craft seriously, and that spirituality is something that he holds near and dear to his heart.  Since then, he’s dropped the High Power Moves project with Hawdwerk, and they have been hittin the LA scene tough ever since.

Part 1

-How he fell in love with music and his influences

-How he hustled to be come a producer

-His fav producers of all time

-His style

-How much things have changed in less than a year.

Part 2

-Bringing the 626 to the LA scene

-His current project

-The importance of being humble and putting God first.

Check him out:


Peep the video for Ride.  Jansport J on the beat, Hawdwerk on the lyrics.

Listen to more of the High Power Moves here!


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