Something to Appreciate Vol II

Over the weekend I saw two things on Twitter that made me really see that we’re in a sad state of affairs when it comes to music.

The first, from Phonte of Little Brother/Foreign Exchange…

phontigallo – I imagine bein a club DJ in 2010 is like bein a world class chef that’s forced to make fried bologna sandwiches every night.

The 2nd, from DJ Jazzy Jeff.

djjazzyjeff215 – Listening to the radio makes me realize…I STILL miss DILLA

I was having a good back and forth convo with local LA native/fierce microphone wrecker/femme fatale Brandi Kane.  She asked Why are local West Coast artists not getting any love, especially in Hip Hop.  In my view, it has nothing to do with “love” anymore.  It’s about what is hot currently,. and that standard is the “Dirty South” sound.  808s, fast hi hats, simple choruses, and maybe dances.  Teach Me How To Dougie is from a West Coast group, Cali Swag District; but, you’d almost think they were from the South.  It’s not about individuality or separation, it’s about one particular sound.  Part of that is because of the media and technology.  It’s very easy for us to all hear and witness the same trends.  But also, clearly, the powers that be are sticking to what works.  I talked to NY emcee Pack FM this past weekend.  He even said that right now it’s the same local cats running the circuit.  In NY, even the legends are played out.

There are lots of sounds and sights being made all over the place.  The questions is how and when will they be recognized.  Seems like people everywhere complain about the radio.  They make their own Pandora stations and tailor to their own tastes.  This is great for individuality…but wasn’t it a lot of fun when we could all sing together?

The human spirit needs to know itself, but it also knows itself through the interaction of others.  Let’s take it back to some jams you might all know and love.   Picked at random by some homies and myself.

Peep the comments about them from Youtube.

TheTruckwheels – im 11 and love this song i kinda hate music now it doesn’t make sense

apesloc27 – Today is my 12th anniversary! love u hubby!

ZR0SuM – Timeless! I played this for My Baby on ours & took Her to he Favorite place far from home to dine we spent the whole night talkin laughing & makin love to a track list devoted to her.

silveradokid1232 – i’m about to turn 19 in 3 months and i grew up on classics like george

Soulthinker2007 – It is the first time in more than 25 years since I’ve seen that video. It is one of my faves.

cashscholar – 1982! I was 9 years old when this song came out and I remember the impact it had on me. George Clinton came super hard on this track. Truly this song was ahead of it’s time as evidenced by the continuous samples obtained from it. Funk was changing and so was music at that time, but this was P-funks signature “we still got it” track.

SuperJaceman – I used to be so scared of this song when i was younger

Mourning5 – best beat ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!

gtsudu Even 50 Cent said this is one of the greatest hip hop songs in history.

CosmicVisitor – OMG! Was that Alek Wek??? I haven’t seen this video for years and had no idea she was in it. She looks stunning.

aminazking – ’94 was the GREATEST year: Nas; Jeru the Damaja; Biggie; Craig Mack; Scarface; Keith Murray; Method Man, Redman; MC Eiht; Bone thugs-n-Harmony; Digable Planets; The Fugees; Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and Common … among a few who dropped fuckin’ CLASSICS in that ethereal year. ’94 was the greatest year to turn nineteen … freshman in college, first car, first time tried weed, late night StreetFighter2 Turbo batttles in dorm listening to said jams, waiting on my next on the spade table … AAAHH!!

artxg – I can play this gangsta rap in my condo without scaring the white people…Thanks Eiht!

MCM49 – Tyrone davis – in the mood.  Mortel le son merci!! from france

LillyXMae – Damn this song was out when I was like… 3 or… 4 maybe…. I”m 18 now. I liked it then and I still like it now. Gwen Stefani is the shizz!!!

SaKuRa97100 – I love the lyrics <3!!When I first heard them I was like…OMG o.o…it’s like she tells my story ^^.It’s the first song that I hear,which has lyrics about a broken friendship,from which remain only memories and promises.It’s kinda sad,but I totally love it *o* =^_^=.

VladGirocului – i’m not an No Dobut fans or of this type of music, but this i love it


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  • “This is great for individuality…but wasn’t it a lot of fun when we could all sing together?

    The human spirit needs to know itself, but it also knows itself through the interaction of others.”

    Wow… that is so true. Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

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