Interview – Res pt I

2001– 1st semester junior year of college I was doing a domestic exchange at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania.  The Roots did a show at The Electric Factory in Philly.  Outside the venue they were handing out CD samplers.  One was a sampler for Q-tip’s then unreleased Kamaal the Abstract, and another was a sampler for a young woman named Res for her album How I Do.  I put Res’ CD in my player and walked around campus listening to it.  I had never heard anything like it.  I’d never heard a voice like hers.  It was like Tracy Chapman, Me’shelle Ndegeocello, and Alanis Morissette.  But she wasn’t copying them.  She was still herself, and sincere.   When I heard her, I said to myself: “This girl’s got it.”

2010– Res came to LA for a Haiti benefit performance and I was introduced to her by the fabulous emoniFela.   We all hung out and partied here and there.  Low and behold Res was staying right around the corner from me so I gave her a ride home.  On the way we talked about her life, growing up in Philly, a whole slew of things.

Before she got out the car, I said “Hey, I have this website where I interview artists and I’d really love to interview you.”

She said “Ok!”

And the rest is history.

Part 1

How she fell in love with music

Her influences

Singing lessons

Be sure to connect with Res on her website!


Video of a live performance Res did, the same night I met her.



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