Interview- Miss Jack Davey pt 3

Now we get into everyone’s favorite topic, sex.

There’s no question that Miss Jack Davey brings a fiery spirit in her style, but also seduction and sensuality.  The same way that she goes into the deeper space of her mind to be inspired and create her art, she allows herself to be vulnerable on stage, to give you the most energy, and the most feeling.  Even as she says in this interview, sex and sexuality are not always an overt form of power or conquering, but also a way of being vulnerable, releasing, and allowing someone to share a space.

While many women use their sexuality as a way to try to defy men in a “I can do it too.” kind of way, she does it in a different form.  The form women love and understand, and the form that men have to respect.

Interestingly enough, guess who encouraged her to express that power?…

Part 3

Sex and sexuality

Being vulnerable on stage

How to find her

Words of advice.


Earlier in the interview she mentions the song “No More”.  October last year I got to see J*Davey open for Me’Shelle Ndegeocello and she performed that song.   I told her during our interview this was one of the sexiest performances I’ve ever seen (not just ’cause she was wearing some lingerie type clothes).   Luckily, I caught it on camera!  But when you listen to the lyrics you can see this isn’t just a bump’ n grind song.  This is someone giving herself completely to…something.

“No More”



  • “no more” was such a beautiful song and she has an incredible vioce. I just like variey when it comes to music. I was so refreshing to hear “live” muwsic also.

  • 06/27/2010 at 8:33 am //

    Sexuality is not Overt Power or Defiance… but Vulnerability and Allowing Some to Share a Space . Brilliant .

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