Interview- Miss Jack Davey pt 2

And now we’re back with Miss Jack!

In case you didn’t know J*Davey is touring.  Be sure to check up on the J*Davey blog to keep up with them.  Also, check out their live Ustream show “Magic in the ADDIC”.  Just last week they were doing a live streaming rehearsal.  It goes to show just how important connecting with your fans is.

So, moving on to part 2, we talk about Hip Hop and her artistic process.

Miss Jack is a perfectionist.  She goes deep into her mind with the track and immerses herself in it.  And if the final result doesn’t take her back to that space, then she will want to scrap it.  This is the true mark of an artists.  One who is their biggest fan but also their harshest critic.

Part 2

– Her favorite emcees

– Moving away from Hip Hop

– Tracks of hers that she doesn’t like

– How she becomes satisfied with a song

Part 3 on Thursday.


Miss Jack may not like this, but I’m gonna post the two songs she says she doesn’t like…cause regardless of what she says, these are FIIYYAAAH!

“Red Light”




  • 06/24/2010 at 3:09 pm //

    There’s a part of being an Artist that goes Untapped these days, and it’s called “being a Vessel.” Jack’s metamorphosis from Hip Hop into her Idiosyncratic Style comes from letting the Inspiration flow through her- and it Virtually creates itself.

    Even how she Records alone to listen to the Voices is another indication that she’s Transcended, that what she hears is Divine Inspiration flowing through her. And when she done, she’s over it, because the Moment is over.

    I’ve asked her on her Ustream the meaning behind her Lyrics and she really doesn’t know what her Poetry means half the Time, because she’s a Vessel. It flows through. Ugh, she is my Hero on so many Levels.

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