My Drake review on NPR

Thanks to great blessings and great people in my life, I made it on to National Public Radio’s program “All Things Considered”.

If you’ve never heard All Things Considered, I really advise it.  Listen to NPR at any rate because they have very informative news.  They also play some great music on there.   In LA it’s KCRW.   Please be sure to catch the homie Anthony Valadez on that station.  If you’re ever looking for something new and thought provoking, NPR’s got it.  That’s the kinda radio I’m talkin about! I’m also really happy that the lady said my name correctly :-)

Anyway, today is national “Drake Album Release Day”.  Everyone has an opinion on him and the album.  As my good friend put it, Drake has been hailed by all and put up for the Coronation.

Here’s my review of the album on KCRW, that you can hear and download, or check it out here.  Transcript below…

Aubrey Drake Graham has been hailed as Hip Hop’s newest Golden Child.

YOU may know him as Jimmy Brooks, the basketball star from Degrassi High: The Next Generation — a popular Canadian teen drama.

Goodbye Jimmy hello DRAKE  — the actor turned rapper.

It usually works the other way, think Will Smith, Mos Def, 50 Cent — but, Drake’s a different breed of emcee.

He’s half Jewish, half Black and grew up in an upper-middle class Toronto neighborhood.

If you listen to top 40 radio, you most definitely heard his blow out hit last year  ”Best I Ever Had” — off the mixtape, So Far Gone.

So Far Gone was re-released as an EP and became the fifth best selling album of 2009, unheard of for a mixtape.

Drake instantly garnered a huge fan base and was signed to Lil Wayne’s label — Young Money Entertainment.

His debut album — Thank Me Later — has been highly anticipated by hip-hop heads world wide.

So when it was leaked on the internet a couple of weeks ago, there was a mad rush to download it.

The album starts with Fireworks featuring Alicia Keys, a bittersweet toast to Drake’s rapid climb to fame.

The whole album has a lot of dreamy melodies and electric synths and its down tempo pace keeps up until the 4th track, and current radio single, Over —

A bragadocious rap about living life without a care and makin’ money, with a few witty punch-lines to boot.

Drake rhymes with Jay Z on Light Up — the two address the stresses of the music industry, haters, and yes, the hard knock life of being famous…

And the album ends with Thank Me Now produced by Timbaland — Drake’s most insightful and lyrically consistent song.

He raps about his musical idols being rivals, the harsh reality that fame can go at any time, saying — “In case another chance never comes around, you can thank me now.”

Drake’s — Thank Me LATER —  is a simple Pop/Hip Hop album.

For an emcee who’s buzz was so powerful for the last year and a half — the overall product is… well — pretty weak.

Everything is redundant musically and lyrically.

Drake’s not a risk taker —  but at least he doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not.

Drake raps about what he knows — the pressures of celebrity life — but not convincingly enough for us to feel him or feel FOR him.



  • Look at you getting your weight up on NPR and stuff! =P

    I was never that enthused about Drake and I’m not surprised by this at all.

    *keeps money in wallet*

  • Exactly what I figured his album was about. My brother plays him and all he talks about is haters, fame and girls with at least two of those three topics in each song.

    Since Drake got with Wayne he did a 180 . I listened to “Comeback Season” and “Room For Improvement” I am a fan of those mixtapes . He disappointed me when he just switched up everything he talked about in his first two mixtapes . “Make records without getting weeded up…” Then I hear a track–“Ransom” I think–where he goes “Goes sorry mom I had to do it…” talking about smoking weed in the studio. I BELIEVED in Drake then he changed to fit with Young Money, he lost a fan . I’m one person that’s not buying or even Downloading the album or a track from it .

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