Interview- Miss Jack Davey pt I


Aka Miss Jack Davey

Aka The front woman for J*Davey.

Aka That girl with the crazy haircut that people bit off of.

It was around ’06 when I heard her rap on Jay Love Japan on the track Red Light.  Right when she said “My name is Miss Jack Davey…” I was like “Hmm…what’s going on here?”.  She tore up the track like a sharp blade with smooth, deliberate slices.  I said “This girl got it.” (She doesn’t like that song by the way.)

Her voice in unlike anyone’s I’ve ever heard.  Her presence is seductive without being gratuitous.  She takes you in the zone.  That’s the mark of a true artist.  As soon as they have your attention, you belong to them until they say it’s over.

Soon after I heard the Red Light track I started hearing the name J*Davey in a few places.  I went on YouTube and found the video for Mr. Mister.  I asked my friend if they were signed to a label yet.

They said no.

I said “WHY NOT?!”

You can’t ask for anything else.  Unique voice.  Sex appeal.  Edge.  Great lyrics.  Unique production.  It’s all in the bag.  I went to their show at The Viper Room around ’07 or so and that confirmed it for me.  I’ve been a fan of J*Davey ever since.  Soon afterward someone must have wised up because they got signed to Warner Bros.

When she says in this interview that I heard their “finished” album “December of last year”,  she actually means December of 2008.  This was recorded around the end of 2009; but, from what I understand, the real end is very near!

Miss Jack Davey is a woman who is no stranger to the music industry.  She’s been doing this since she was 8 years old.   All of her endeavors show through her music and when she performs live.  Off stage she’s the homegirl from around the way.  She has the true spirit of an artist and the fiery Leo/lioness energy that the airwaves have been needing for some time.

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BONUS- New FREE track for download…



  • nice!!! cant wait to see more!!
    im a j*davey baby for real!! loll
    11 shows in one year!– pretty crazy i know..

  • I love when she raps . Red Light is one of my favorite, but I haven’t heard anything J*DaVeY has done together or separately I didn’t like , they keep getting better ! J*DaVeY is the group that will open doors musically and culturally in my opinion. Just listen to them, they are such creative well spoken people . The world won’t have a choice but to shut up and listen .

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