Interview- Brook D’leau of J*Davey, pt II

If you’re in LA this week, be sure to check J*Davey  out at The Roxy this Saturday, May 29!

Continuing with Mr. D’leau we get a little bit deeper on how J*Davey made things happen, changes in the music industry, and how it is now being on a major label.

Part 2

How did J Davey succeed?

Being ahead of the curve

What changes when you’re on a label?

The longevity of music

*BONUS:  Check out the video for the track Mr. Mister that he spoke of earlier in the interview.



  • Nice interview…the label conundrum.


    J Davey was a huge influence as I crafted my venture. I love them.

    Los Angeles RULES (when we just do us and don’t clown others…way too much critique in a place where it is so lovely and we NEED more cliche-free partying!!!)…was that just a critique?

    J Davey was definitely at the forefront, thanks Uncle Garth and KPFK!!!

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