Interview- Brook D’leau of J*Davey, pt I

Before  I officially started this site I was just running around with my Flip-mino camera interviewing other artists and profiling my “epic adventures” as I liked to call them.  Before I knew it I was just getting more and more artists around me to interview.

As it turned out a bunch of close friends of mine knew Brook and Miss Jack.  I couldn’t wait to meet them one day.  Low and behold, one of my best friends was invited to the studio to hear what they had finished for their album.  I ended up at their studio around December of ’08 and heard the basic  “first draft” you could say of the album.  There was some MIND BLOWING stuff on there. All I can really tell you is that I was transported into another world listening to it.  Some of it ended up on Boudoir Synema.  I emailed their manager the next day and said “This is going to change the world.”  Soon after that I’d see Brook and Miss Jack around a bunch of other places.   I dropped in their studio on occasion, and we’d talk for probably hours about music, the industry, and all that.  I told them I did interviews.  Man if I only had my camera around for some of those conversations…

Brook is one of those guys that you really can’t get enough of.  He’s a bit more serious on camera but I really think if he didn’t do music he’d write comedic films.  He’s so sharp and quick witted, I can barely keep up.  His whole personality reflects his production style:  it feels familiar, but completely unique.  He’s that guy who you can feel comfortable around, but you know there’s no one else like him.  It’s the unique personalities and perspectives that really create stand-out material.

Sometime around July of ’09 I connected with Brook to profile him as a producer and get a more in depth look at his process.  I hit the record button, and let the good times roll.  Here’s part 1 of 3

Part 1

What’s up with the album?

His story

How J*Davey formed

Growing as a musician

His influences and style

Here’s one of the tracks I distinctly remember from that ’08 session…

And if you don’t have Boudoir Synema, get with the program!




    + it feels familiar, but completely unique. He’s that guy who you can feel comfortable around, but you know there’s no one else like him. +

    -cool way to describe it.

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