Interview- Montage One & Tristate

So all in the same day, I interview Krondon, Planet Asia, and also some members of the Gold Chain military-Montage One and Tristate.  I just got the brothas together in the middle of it all  to chop it up with them.  These dudes have been in the game for a long while and have come up under West Coast legend King Tee.  During this interview you’ll get some real good insight into how a crew can remain strong and still pump out music despite whatever pitfalls may seem to come along in the state of the music industry.

Part 1

Introductions/Albums you can find them on

How they formed as a crew


Part 2

The change of the industry & what drives them

The benefits of being independent

Words of advice

Be sure to connect to them

Twitter: @MontageOne and @IamTristate

And be sure to link to up and coming producer C Native- @CNative

Check out the whole GCM in the EPK below with appearances by the Evidence, Dj Babu, and more!



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