Interview- Planet Asia

It was my senior year of high school and every Sunday I would listen to We Came From beyond with Mike Nardone.  It was my weekly source of underground, raw Hip Hop.  I heard a few songs from a cat named Planet Asia.  The beats were dope and he was spitting on the mic, throwing words relentlessly through the speaker.  It was unbelievable.  He would shout out “Fresno!”,  a hood that rarely gets any mention.  I remember he came on the station and during his interview he said, “Yeah I’m doin shows, so if you got $700 holla at me!”  I kept that figure in my mind…

Senior year of college, I was putting on a charity concert with Mystic and a few other local talents.  Someone fell through and we had a spot for one other person.  Well as it turns out Mystic was good friends with Planet Asia and they did a song together on her album called “W” (which was nominated for a Grammy).  By then of course his rate for shows had gone up some, but I was glad to pay it and glad to give an emcee that inspired me his just due paper!

Some years later, I run into him again at a spot.  I don’t think he remembered me but he seemed to vaguely.  I wanted to interview him for the site.  Got his info.  Day of the interview was “The Hunt for Planet Asia” cause he was nowhere to be found.  Turns out he fell asleep in the studio recording, woke up then had to be at a shoot with Krondon and Psycho Realm that just so happened to be RIGHT down the street.   I figure certain people keep crossing paths in my life for a reason, and sometimes it’s a person’s destiny to help the other succeed in life.  I surely hope this interview plays it’s part, cause P.A. is that dude.

Part 1

How he became an emcee

Influences he grew up to

How he found his style and grew as an artist

Part 2

Running a label and being an artist

Being on a major label

Where you can find him

Words of advice

Of course you can always see what he’s up to on  Twitter: @PlanetAsia

Be sure to get the Gold Chain Military album and peep Planet Asia’s whole discography, which you can find on iTunes, Amazon, etc.


Gold Chain Military video, for Pleasure and Pain



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