Interview- Krondon

I was in a Hip Hop group in high school. We finished a show we had at the Whiskey A-Go-Go opening for Aceyalone. As we were walking around Sunset, there was Krondon chillin on the street.  My homie was like “Oh, Krondon whattup!”  He shook our hand, and said wasup.  Real chill.  It felt good to see a emcee we respected be so humble.

Some years later, I’m on the hunt to find Planet Asia.  We were supposed to do an interview earlier but he was nowhere to be found. I found out later he was still in the studio.   As I’m walking back from the Jamaican spot with my jerk chicken patty, there’s Krondon chillin outside of a big truck choppin it up with a friend.

“Yo Krondon wasup!”  We shook hands and he greeted me real welcoming. Turns out he was there about to film a video with Psycho Realm.

“Yo I’m lookin for ya boy Planet Asia.  I was supposed to interview him today.”  I told him.  Krondon responded “Oh he should be here soon he’s gonna be in the video.”  I came back a few hours later with cameragirl Eve and my homegirl Dominique and got to interview everybody, including Krondon.

Some of the things he said were really surprising.  You rarely hear talk of spirituality from a hardcore emcee.  But he was being as genuine on camera as he was to me when I was in high school.

Part 1

Jesus Christ

His story


Rock music

Part 2


Being a grown-ass man

Where to find him and the music

Words of advice

You can catch Krondon…

On Twitter @Krondon

Of course with Strong Arm Steady at Blacksmith Music

Peep the Let Em Live Mixtape! (click the pic)

By the way…

Have you found Stoney Jackson?


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