Interview- Ndugu Chancler (Part II)

The interview with Ndugu Chancler continues as we delve more into his thoughts on the current state of music and how much difference there is between now and the past.  These gems are probably my favorite part of the whole session.

Part 4

-The secret behind the classic records

– Why he doesn’t listen to radio

Part 5

– The change in the  music industry

Part 6

– Sampling and the new music makers

– The loss of music education

– How you can find him/what he’s working on

– Words of advice

You can find Ndugu on Myspace

And on Facebook

You may even catch one of his classes at the USC Thornton School of Music

The album, Ndugu Chancler: Old Friends, Live, will be coming soon.


Watch Ndugu play and speak on the secret to his success


3 Legends: Patrice Rushen, Stanley Clarke, & Ndugu get down…



  • These interviews with “Ndugu chancler” was food to my souland I hope it is not the last. I’m not a musicain but I love music and I love to dance.
    I remember the disco era quite well. If I went into a club or party and they were playing most of the above,I would leave. Somehow, I don’t believe Black people were the originator of disco music.

    I remember as a child (and even now) if I hear a brother playing the conga drums,I would drop what I was doing and follow “the call ” of the drum.

    Why is it that when Black people are at a concert with Jazz musican they don’t dance as much?

    That last instrumental number was the “bomb”!!

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