Interview- J. Bizness

About a year ago I was rehearsing with the homies from Breezy LoveJoy for a show we were going to have the next day.  At one point during the show, a few producers were going to have time to just play their beats.  Well during the small rehearsal J. Bizness came through.  He was a real cool guy.  Then he asked if he could play some of his beats for us.  Man..I was blown away.  And when he told me that a lot of them didn’t have samples and he never had any musical training I knew this dude was destined to be known as an ill producer.  I didn’t know then that he had already done some work with emcee Trek Life.  I finally got him to tell me his story…

Part 1

How he got into music

His earliest music memories

His influences and inspirations

How he found his “sound”

Part 2

His recent project, Reason: Bits & Pieces

Why he won’t do instrumental albums anymore

Connecting with Phonte of Little Brother/Foreign Exchange

How you can connect to him & his music

Words of advice

Associated projects & shout-outs

UPDATE, 4-20-10-  His track with Phonte made it on the album! Left Back drops today!  Peep the track…

To connect with J Bizness hit him up:

His Twitter

His Website

His Myspace

Check these out! All J Bizness productions!



  • Another great video. Gonna check out the instrumentals tape now. His stuff is amazing.

    I also love the point that J Bizness made about continuing to use the same people that you start with. Everyone should rise together. Keep it in the family.

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