Interview- Vashluv

Vashluv is an extremely creative woman I met via Twitter.  I saw a few of her vlogs on YouTube and I could tell she was a total creative, free spirit. I started following her and her blog.  She has a deep sense of style.  Her words seem to always been full of passion and sincerity.  I took a look at her portfolio and I could tell she was serious about her work.  She also knows all the dance steps to the Beat It video.  I was lucky enough to catch that in person!

I caught her while she was in town visiting from NY, and we talked about a whole bunch of stuff.  I took the prime selections of the convo and put it here.

Part 1-


Her story

Her independent photo shoots

Part 2-


Her dislike for Lady Gaga

Being a preacher’s kid

How to find her

Words of advice

For the serious folks, hit her up at:

Peep her blog RIGHT HERE

Check out some samples of her work below…



  • 03/06/2010 at 6:54 pm //

    W.o.W Girlllllll I Love all your Photos Nice Keep ur Wonderfull Work Keep it Up Lve

  • The interviews just keep getting better and better, Merc.

    Vash has been added to my list of lateral idols. I love her spirit and drive. Makes me want to do better. =D

  • This lady has tremendous passion and courage. Merc… since when are you shy? 😉

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