Interview- Monalisa Murray

Mona + Merc

Monlisa Murray is more than a socialite.  She’s more like a patron saint of music.

You may see her at any given night at various events.

She may be backstage chopping it up with the headlining act, who’s she’s been longtime friends with.

She may be in the crowd enjoying the show.

She may be on stage enjoying the show.

She may be working the front door.

She may be DJing at the event.

She might be doing all the above at the same time!

You really never know.  But it’s clear, she loves music and she fully supports the art and artists however she can.

I had seen her at many events playing one of the many roles above, and I never quite knew what she did.  I eventually found out she worked at numerous record labels as a promoter, and was right in the middle of the Hip Hop explosion in Los Angeles.  When I decided to make this site, she was one of the people I was sure I wanted to feature.  Sometimes it’s the people behind the scenes who really make things run.  There are lots of celebrities and stars in LA, and she’s one of them, make no mistake.

Part 1

– How she fell in love with music
– How she started DJing
– Her favorite records to spin
-Crate and information digging

Part 2

– Why she left the music business after 15yrs
– Quality of character in music
– How you can find her
– Words of advice

Be sure to download her bangin Hip Hop mix here

Check out her Reggae Mix below!

Connect with her…

On Twitter: @Monalisa7872

On Facebook: Monalisa Murray



  • Great interview! I love her last words of wisdom… “Do your research.” I believe it is imperative to know the history behind most of today’s music. I agree that it is also important to be able to decipher whose stories told through the music are actually real.

  • 02/20/2010 at 2:45 pm //

    I loved her bit on Promoting music. If yer simply Pushing a Product, there’s a lot more work. But if you make something with Character and Heart, it’s unDeniable. So real.

  • 02/25/2010 at 4:45 am //

    I have heard of her before and people in the industry that I know have said a lot of good things about her but did not know of her depth within the game. First I commend her on being a prominent female DJ. Secondly, it’s good to see that she comes across as more than just a dj or bragging about her experiences; she doesn’t do that; she is very informative. The interview as a whole was very informative and great. As a DJ who came up in the true era of the beginning stages of hip hop and still spins all types of music, I’m glad to see that the TRUE DJs know and understand what the craft is all about. Once again Great interview and thanks for introducting me to your website. I’ll continue to follow it.

  • Whenever I come to LA. MonaLisa is THE first person I hit up to see whats going down in SoCal. And she always has an answer for me. She definitely keeps the movement moving…..

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